It’s good to be home!

Recently I was reading the story of Jacob in the book of Genesis. I was struck by the parallels I saw between Jacob’s story and my story. Specifically the section of his life when after many years in another land, having raised a family God called Jacob to return to his home country.

At this time God spoke to Jacob and said: “Go back to Bethel” Gen 35:1. He was encouraged to return to Bethel and build an altar. He was called to return to that special place where God had first revealed Himself, to Bethel “the house of God,” and there he was to build an altar and worship His God.

As I was reading this story I was impressed that the Holy Spirit has likewise called me back to my home country. He has called me back home to Port McNeill to where my spiritual life began, to where Jesus first revealed himself to me on June 24th 1976. It was at that season in my life that God called me to leave the North Island and become a Pastor.

Now after thirty years of Pastoring the Lord has called me back to my Bethel to worship Him. Here I believe I will worship and discover Jesus in light of what I have experienced and will see God in new and fresh ways among this community of believer. The North Island, Port McNeill, and Port McNeill Full Gospel Church have become my Bethel.

Here at my house of God I anticipate we will experience God in fresh ways.

Looking forward to our future,

Pastor Stan

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5 Responses to It’s good to be home!

  1. Jon says:

    Looks good dad!

  2. Miles says:

    Good word and nice to see you figured this out!

  3. terryruth says:

    Hey Pastor
    What an awesome story God is leading you through. So glad you’ve come home!

  4. Terrence Eissfeldt says:

    Welcome to Bethel Pastor Stan! Lookin forward to doing life with you and Margaret!

  5. Mark Rukin says:

    An awesome journey by the grace of God.

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