Church Vision Development and Strategic plan

I would like to use the church blog as one means of communicating the progress of our strategic plan. Currently we have been prayerfully working on our vision statement. With this in mind I am including a few definitions of a vision statement.

Firstly Wikipedia, states that a vision  statement outlines what the organization wants to be, or how it wants the world in which it operates to be (an “idealised” view of the world). It is a long-term view and concentrates on the future. It can be emotive and is a source of inspiration. For example, a charity working with the poor might have a vision statement which reads “A World without Poverty.”

Further Wikipedia defines a mission as the fundamental purpose of an organization or an enterprise, succinctly (concise) describing why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision. For example, the charity above might have a mission statement as “providing jobs for the homeless and unemployed”

Another example comes from the book: “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek who states that  a vision is the public statement of the founder’s intent. Why the company exists. It is the literal vision of the future. (the why). Further that the mission refers to a description of the route, how the company intends to create that future (the how).

Here is a few vision statement examples:

  • Wikipedia’s example of vision: “A world without poverty”, works well with the example of mission: “Providing jobs for the homeless & unemployed”
  •  Apostolic Church Of Pentecost: “Our Mission Statement: To engage in community transformation by developing effective leaders and healthy churches” Our Vision Statement: “To be a passionate people extending God’s grace and igniting hope in every community”
  • VisionLedd’s vision statement: “We believe in a world where churches are the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities, ministering to orphans, widows and others infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.”
  •  Starbucks: Our mission: “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”

I have also attached a pdf file that I feel you will find very interesting. This was a vision exercise that we did as an Eldership team. We still do not have a final version to present, however this chart will give you an idea of our discussions, burden and heart.

Vision Statement
This process of developing and updating our church vision has been a wonderful experience. Here is a copy of our vision statement which includes our mission and our core values. In the weeks to follow we will be prayerfully developing our strategic initiatives. Strategic initiatives refer to our goals and objectives based upon our vision statement. 

Our Vision:       “A life giving people”

Our Mission:    “Carrying the heart of the Father, transforming the world”

Our Core Values:

 “A loving family with a heart for community”

 “Living with respect and integrity”

 “Experiencing the fullness of the Holy Spirit”

 “A team pursuing God’s mission”

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Homecoming Weekend – Mark Your Calendars

October 11-13th, 2013 Pt McNeill Full Gospel Church is honouring its history, celebrating its present and blessing its future. All who’ve shared their ministry gifts with Port McNeill are invited to attend. All who’ve attended over the history of the church are invited to attend.

Mark your calendars and plan on coming home to Port McNeill for Thanksgiving Weekend 2013


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Pastor Stan’s Recommended Book ~ The Tangible Kingdom

It is my privilege to continue to share with you a number of books that have made a significant impact in my spiritual journey. Last month I gave an overview of a book called The Practise of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence which is a phenomenal book.
This month I’m recommending another book called The Tangible Kingdom by Hugh Halter. I have read this book twice over the past few years and have found it to be an excellent resource. It’s a book that challenges you to consider what the church and the Christian life can look like in the 21st century.
Over this past winter our church Eldership team read this book. We have had many salty conversations as we met together to discuss this book and consider how it relates to our church our community and our own lives.
Hugh’s understanding of what a healthy church looks like has deeply affected the way I view the church and how I now live my life. As with most books I found areas that I do not feel will work in our church or in my life. However that being said, it has many helpful observations and stories that have affected my paradigm of the church and the Christian life.
Hugh Halter brilliantly explains that we need to practise three elements in our churches and personal lives in order to grow as disciples and help sojourners move towards Christ. In this way the church will become like the early church, it will be healthy and the kingdom will become tangible. Hugh identifies these three elements or spheres as community, mission and communion.
To give you a little taste of what this means. The Tangible Kingdom describes communion as representing those things related to our intimate connection with God such as worship, spiritual formation and prayer. He defines community as representing those things related to our lives together such as sharing friends, food and life. Finally mission as representing “otherness,” that is to focus on people outside our church community. Hugh reminds us that Jesus was very missional minded having performed 99% of his miracles outside the church building. He leads us to the conclusion that it is God’s design that we live our faith among the people of our world.
This book challenges us to recognize that the Biblical evidence is overwhelming that God’s power is most naturally meant to happen “out there”! In response to this book I now say that I pastor a congregation of 2600 people, for that is the population of the town of Port McNeill.

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Pastor Stan’s Recommended Reading

Over the next several months I would like to share with you several books that have influenced my life. My desire is to monthly take the time to introduce books that have made a significant impact in my spiritual journey. The first one I’d like to share with you is a book entitled The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. I read this book for the first time during my sabbatical and it deeply affected me and enriched my hunger for His presence.
It is estimated that in the three centuries since it was first published, more Christians have read this book than any other book other than the Bible. This book is noted as one of the top 25 books every Christian should read by a number of influential Christians. I must agree with its significance in the Christian life and have found it to be one of those milestone books in my life in my pursuit of Christ-likeness.
This book shares a story of a Carmelite monk named Nicholas Herman who became known as Brother Lawrence. He was an uneducated man who lived in the seventeenth century, who due to his lack of education could not become a cleric so entered a monastery as a lay brother. Here within a French monastery he worked in a kitchen as a cook.
Brother Lawrence made it his purpose in life to pursue and continually abide in the presence of God. His recorded experiences within this book, his counsel and observations have awakened a deeper thirst to value God’s presence in my life. There is an amazing simplicity, depth and reality to his faith.
Here we are introduced to several habits that will assist us to attain and live in the habitual sense of God’s presence. Some golden nuggets in this book include Brother Lawrence explaining how he discovered three degrees of union of the soul with God. Further he shares tremendous descriptions of his experience in God’s presence that made me thirsty to discover and reach for more of the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life.
Here is a quote from his book: “The time of business does not with me differ from the time of prayer; and in the noise and clutter of my kitchen, while several persons are at the same time calling for different things, I possess in as great tranquility as if I were upon my knees at the Blessed Sacrament.”

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Warm Up for Sunday June 10th

Hey Everyone,

Here’s a ‘Group Declaration’ we’re going to do on Sunday June 10th. Thought I give you a heads up and let you practice! Click on the link and view – and/or – print off the sheets.

Looking forward to Group Declaration!

In Him

Terry Ruth

Who I Am In Christ text

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It’s good to be home!

Recently I was reading the story of Jacob in the book of Genesis. I was struck by the parallels I saw between Jacob’s story and my story. Specifically the section of his life when after many years in another land, having raised a family God called Jacob to return to his home country.

At this time God spoke to Jacob and said: “Go back to Bethel” Gen 35:1. He was encouraged to return to Bethel and build an altar. He was called to return to that special place where God had first revealed Himself, to Bethel “the house of God,” and there he was to build an altar and worship His God.

As I was reading this story I was impressed that the Holy Spirit has likewise called me back to my home country. He has called me back home to Port McNeill to where my spiritual life began, to where Jesus first revealed himself to me on June 24th 1976. It was at that season in my life that God called me to leave the North Island and become a Pastor.

Now after thirty years of Pastoring the Lord has called me back to my Bethel to worship Him. Here I believe I will worship and discover Jesus in light of what I have experienced and will see God in new and fresh ways among this community of believer. The North Island, Port McNeill, and Port McNeill Full Gospel Church have become my Bethel.

Here at my house of God I anticipate we will experience God in fresh ways.

Looking forward to our future,

Pastor Stan

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