Life Groups

Life Groups A place to experience life, spirituality and laughter!”

This Fall we begin a new focus with three amazing groups!!!

Wednesdays – Firestarters ~ Begins on Sept 27th at 7:00pm                                           Firestarters is a twelve week course designed to assist you in becoming a world- changer in whatever sphere of influence God has placed you, whether in the marketplace, school, neighborhood, community, or home. Led and hosted at Terrence & Terry Eissfeldt.

Monday Ladies Group ~ Begins on Oct 2nd at 10:30am

Stan & Margaret’s Group ~ Begins on Oct 11th at 7:00pm.



2 Responses to Life Groups

  1. Terrence Eissfeldt says:

    Last night was so enjoyable ,(hosted at Jocelyn’s by Jocelyn!). I very much enjoyed getting together over a great meal and the atmosphere in and out of her house was so warm and inviting. Thankyou Jocelyn! At a guess I think there were about 20 there?..keep on keepin on!

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