Life Groups

Life Groups A place to experience life, spirituality and laughter!”

We have three amazing groups!!!

Monday Ladies Group ~ Begins on Feb 5th at 10:30am

Wednesdays! Two groups!

Firestarters ~ Firestarters is a twelve week course designed to assist you in becoming a world- changer in whatever sphere of influence God has placed you, whether in the marketplace, school, neighborhood, community, or home. Led and hosted at Terrence & Terry Eissfeldt.

Flame On!                                                                                                                              Every week we begin with Testimonies of what experiences we had during the week relating to stepping over the “chicken line” and going for it! This mainly includes; prophesying, healing, praying or just declaring to someone that God is in a good mood! Always!

Every week we are left with an activation activity for the week and last week’s was understanding what sphere of influence we mostly reside in…the 7 spheres are: Religion,business,government,media,family,arts/entertainment/and eduction. We were asked to write down the spiritual gifts/talents abilities, desires that we have that could impact the world around us:

Finally we were challenged to find two people and ask them to prophesy over us this week: and then record our own reactions….discern whether it was an accurate word for you.

Stan & Margaret’s Group ~ Begins on Jan 31st at 7:00pm.


2 Responses to Life Groups

  1. Terrence Eissfeldt says:

    Last night was so enjoyable ,(hosted at Jocelyn’s by Jocelyn!). I very much enjoyed getting together over a great meal and the atmosphere in and out of her house was so warm and inviting. Thankyou Jocelyn! At a guess I think there were about 20 there?..keep on keepin on!

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