2011 Elsie Welch Cuba Report

Dear friends,

God’s glory was all over my recent trip to Cuba!! I have never had an easier time entering the country with all my suitcases and gifts! Thank you so much for praying about that!

I was so blessed to attend the Pastors’ retreat and minister alongside Kenn Parker!  Prophetically, that guy is like an x-ray machine!  God was so gracious to allow his anointing to rest on me and I came away with an increased ability to flow in the prophetic!

Many pastors arrived very burdened and overwhelmed but by the end of the retreat there was a shout of victory in the air!

The first night I felt to preach on the “Lord of the Breakthrough” and then we prayed breakthrough release over them and the situations they were coming from.  Something happened!!!  As I traveled up island, I heard report after report of the glory of God invading the meetings, with many salvation, healing and deliverance occurring.  The pastors and missionaries were so encouraged!!

God is sooooo good!  Pastor Raul is like a son to me, so I was very upset to find him ready to give up!  He is in charge of three provinces, over 46 missions and 8 churches, plus the church he has planted in Holguin of 200 people (in 2 years!)  Finances are always short making it hard for him to move around to visit the works and breaking his heart when he cannot offer tangible assistance to all the workers underneath his care.  He desperately needs a car!!  Would you please pray with me for the miraculous provision of a car?  Praise God, with the new laws, Cubans can now buy and sell vehicles BUT the price is still outlandish for these old cars!!  There are many leaders, responsible for many works, that are without transportation.  They simply have to hitch hike from place to place!  Praise God, that the Holy Spirit ministered to Raul at the retreat and I was able to continue to encourage him and his wife.  They are pure gold!

Things are changing in Cuba – PRAISE GOD!  They can also buy and sell land now.  We arrived in a city where Vladimir and his wife are planting a church.  Three years ago, he was the town drunk that got saved in one of my meetings and now he is an on-fire church planter!!  He and his wife were not able to attend the pastors’ retreat because their land lady gave them one day to vacate the house they rented because she wanted to sell the property (this was the second time!!)  Anyways, the deal fell through and she apologized and asked them to move back in – until she could find another purchaser!  Gonzalo, Elina and I visited them on our way to Holguin.  When I saw the large piece of land the house stood on, when I heard about the sizable congregation they already had meeting in the living room, and when Gonzalo told me she wanted to sell it for approx $1025 Can, my heart jumped and the Holy Spirit told me it would be a sin not to buy it!!!  The next day, in faith, I took a cash advance on my Visa card and Gonzalo took the money along to buy the property.  I wish I could have seen the faces of those kids!!!  They are so worth investing in!  And then, when Alberto told me he had borrowed money to buy a house and property in a nearby town, so he could continue a new mission he had there, I asked him how much the loan was.  I just about fell over when he said it was the equivalent of $250 Can – a large piece of property with a decent house on it!!  Guess what???  I’m buying that too!!  I came back feeling like a real estate mogul!!!  What fun!!

For a week in Holguin, the glory of God manifested day after day, in greater proportions as hungry people met to worship God!  The presence of God would come, broken people would start weeping, falling on their knees in repentance, falling out all over the place, bodies being healed and demons manifesting.  It was so EASY to minister because the Holy Spirit was doing it all!  On the last Sunday , 44 people ascended the Loma de la Cruz ( 360 steps up the mountain to the cross) where we praised and prayed over the city – asking God to visit every home with His glory!  It was powerful!!  By that time, my voice was totally trashed from preaching without a microphone in the damp night air and praying over people for hours!

It was an amazing trip!!  Even though I returned with an intestinal infection, and still don’t feel 100% , I was able to get it together to have Christmas at my place!  What a wonderful, wonderful time with all my family together!  Lots of love and laughter!

The doors are opening wide in Cuba presenting more and more opportunity to quickly advance the Kingdom! Missions and churches are multiplying on almost a daily basis.  They are now sending out missionaries to other nations!   Cuba is very fertile soil to plant in!  Some overseers are needing vehicles, some churches are wishing to borrow money(which they would pay back) to start small businesses  and now is the time to help them buy property before the prices skyrocket!   If you are able or interested in helping with any of these projects, please contact me.  I bought the $1000 property in faith that God would supply the money – would you like to partner with me in this?  God is moving quickly in Cuba, and we must be careful not to miss the train!!

I have my voice back and I’m shouting GLORY!!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME FRIENDSHIP, PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT OVER 2011!  I’m believing for  an even  more glorious 2012 for all of us!

With heartfelt gratitude,



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